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Notify the following contacts applicable to you (and everyone moving with you) of the date you are moving from your existing address and the new address you are moving to.

It is advisable to arrange for Royal Mail to redirect your mail for at least three months after your move. This should prevent any of your mail being intercepted and possibly used for identity fraud.


Utility/Service providers

Request that the meters are read and the final account bills sent to your new address. It is a good idea to also read any meters yourself on the day you move.

Request meter reading and final account.

End or transfer contract to new address.

Transfer an existing licence to your new address.

Cancel deliveries and settle outstanding bills.


Give the required written notice to your landlord.

Tell your current District Council that you are moving.

Arrange cover at the new address for Buildings and Contents insurance. Check that cover for contents "in transit" is provided under your policy. Don’t forget other items not covered by your contents policy for example boats, caravans etc.



If you have school age children select new school(s) in your new area and let existing schools know of your pending move.

Notify data registration company of new address.

HMRC - Your Tax Office

Whilst this may not be a priority, it may be a good idea, especaily if you are expecting a tax rebate. Remember it is your responsibility to inform them of your change of address.  Most people will assume their employer will do this. So when you move tell HMRC as soon as possible at or contact your local tax office.

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