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Studio flat

A typical studio apartment would consist of one large room that serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. Kitchen facilities can also be located in the central room or may be in a small separate room. The bathroom is usually in a separate smaller room.

These were popular in the housing boom in the late eighties with Barratt leading the way with their “Studio 2” versions with carpets, a furniture pack with drop down bed and kitchen appliances all included in the price. Still popular in large cities especially in London, where high prices of other properties and flats make them a viable ‘crash-pad’ for commuters.



Typical new studio floor plan

Size and value for money

A typical new studio apartment is around 300 to 450sqft. In 2012, a studio in east London was priced at £190,000 equating to a price of around £579 per square foot.  

                          Studio floor plan

Our advice

Avoid! Offering poor value and limited space with all the pitfalls that come with Leasehold property. However, studios do offer a solution for commuters and may appeal to landlords. It would normally be better to pay a little more and buy a one bedroom flat that will be easier to sell when the time comes.

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Note: Floor plans are illustrative examples only. Any similarity between actual designs, layouts and/or specifications is purely coincidental.

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Studio Apartments